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Cedeira Percebes

Feasting on gangrenous witches’ toes

CEDEIRA (A CORUÑA) FESTA DO PERCEBE – GOOSENECK BARNACLE FAIR JULY 29 & 30     Cedeira is one of the prettiest fishing villages in Galicia, and the surrounding area is one of breathtaking natural beauty, boasting the highest cliffs in continental Europe at 2,000ft. The town population swells in the summer months due to…

Silice Viticultores Sober Ribeira Sacra Galicia Spain

Kicking up Roman roof tiles in a vineyard

Sílice Viticultores Sober, Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain   In a world (Galicia) where some establishments still insist on foisting heavily oaked rioja on you, it comes as a very pleasant surprise when more and more clued in bar and restaurant owners stock vigneron wines from the Ribeira Sacra, Valdeorras, Monterrei and Rías Baixas regions. An…

Aceiroga - Aceite Gallego en Quiroga


Galician Olive Oil     While most people associate Spanish olive oil with the south of Spain, particularly Andalucía, people here in Galicia have been quietly making the stuff for centuries now, though admittedly in minute quantities. Once one of the most prolific Spanish olive oil producing regions, catastrophe struck in the late fifteenth century…