Enonatur – Diverse Vineyards.

The Viñedos Diversos (Diverse Vineyards) project is the brainchild of oenologist Roberto Regal and ecologist Nacho Munilla. During the course of this eight hour route they will get you right up close to the action, explaining the complex nature of the two eco-systems present (Mediterranean and Atlantic) and the reasons for which the Romans chose this area to produce wines that would travel to the four corners of the Empire. In short, a day with Nacho and Roberto will give you a personal insight into not only the ancient viticultural landscape of the Ribeira Sacra, unique in the world, but also the singularity of a range of wines that can only be found in this part of the world.

Aimed specifically at people with a serious passion for wine, Diverse Vineyards is not only a fascinating in-depth look at the landscape, but also a journey into the smells and sounds of the ‘Sacred Shore’ of the majestic River Miño.

The Experience
  • Visit three to four very different micro-vineyards. When we access the parcelas there’s some uphill walking along rocky/stony footpaths. For this reason the tour is only suitable for the reasonably fit. Our ecologist Nacho will point out all manner of interesting things along the way.
  • Visit the Enonatur winery and hear about different vinification techniques where the sole aim is to preserve the cutural wine heritage of the region and ensure that each parcela shines through in the wines of Enonatur.
  • Lunch at Adega Finca Penadoso featuring locally sourced delicacies such as empanada, artisanal cheese and traditional game/meat casseroles. Taste four different Enonatur wines, both red and white.
  • €285 per person.
  • Minimum group size: 6
  • Maximum group size: 10
  • To find out more please Contact Us

Note: **10% discount for private parties/groups**.


In each and every parcela or plot that Enonatur works, the soils and vegetation speak eloquently through the wines. We will visit three or four of these small parcelas and learn all about the incredibly diverse flora and fauna that abound in them, including incredibly smart crows that have learnt to place walnuts in the path of passing vehicles without fear of being run over in the process!

Ribeira Sacra

The wines of the Ribeira Sacra are made in one of the most ecologically diverse wine regions in the world with a viticulture handed down from generation to generation, evolving practically in isolation over millennia. This diversity is reflected in the incredible mosaic of steep, vertigo-inducing vineyards, forests and rock formations that line the winding course of the river. Growing conditions for vines here can change in the space of just a few metres.

Diverse Vineyards Enotur - Ribeira Sacra


Photographs of the tour

Courtesy of: Iria Guitián of SomosAchega