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Nautical pursuits on the Ría de Arousa

Nautical pursuits on the Ría de Arousa

Though most people would be inclined to do this kind of thing during the warmer months of the year, a group of us this morning bravely donned duffle coats, mufflers, mittens and woolly hats to brave a bitingly cold Ria de Arousa. Our host was Gabi Comojo of Amare Turismo Náutico. We set out from…

Auga Mareira - Packaged Sea Water

Auga Mareira – Packaged Sea Water

We all know that Spain has ruled the haute cuisine roost in recent years, deftly displacing the French from the top perch. This culinary prominence has brought about an astonishing revolution in the development of food products aimed at the kitchens of feted michelin star chefs like Joan Roca, Carme Ruscalleda and others. According to…


Kosher wines return to Spain after 500 years

WINE PARADISE Spain is thought to be one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world and one with deeply rooted wine making traditions. In terms of vineyard surface area it is the largest in the world and the third largest wine producer after France and Italy. These ancient traditions can be attributed to…