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An insight into Galician baking
Empanada Gallega

A visit to a family bakery that specializes in empanada. Empanada is a meat and vegetable or shellfish pie popular throughout Spain but considered a part of Galicia’s culinary DNA

Visit an artesanal cheesemaker

Galicia’s delicious tetilla cheese boasts Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO).

Learn about seafood harvesting

Spend a morning learning about the various forms of sustainable fishing and seafood harvesting, particularly mussels and clams. We’ll accompany the women that work the tidal flats and pull up to vessels to hear first hand from the fishermen about this mainstay of the Galician economy

Discover incredible gourmet dishes

From January to April learn about the secret life the sea lamprey, a local delicacy that draws gourmets from all over the country. The people on the River Miño that separates Spain from Portugal have been harvesting this bizarre fish since Roman times.

Kayaking in the Bay

The Ría de Arousa is a perfectly sheltered bay and absolutely wonderful for kayaking. With our professional guides, you’ll have the opportunity to visit tiny islands with pristine beaches. One of the highlights of a kayak expedition is when playful dolphins decide to pop up and say hello. Their presence can never be guaranteed, but it’s always delightful when they do show up.

Visit a gourmet seafood cannery

Visit an artesanal family run seafood cannery where the meticulous hand packing of mussels, clams, sardines etc is done exclusively by women. Our visit is followed by a tasting session of the gourmet seafood line and washed down with the Albariño wine of our choice.

Visit lovely Galician palaces and gardens

Visit beautiful Galician pazos or mansions whose stunning ornamental gardens boast some of the finest collections of camellia trees in the world. The camellia tree arrived from Japan in the late 18th century and took extremely well to the mild Galician climate, providing a riot of colour from January through to April. Some of these pazos produce cosmetic products and even tea from their beloved camellias.

Visit top wine estates

Visit single vineyard wineries where young winemakers, many of them women, are turning out stunning monovarietals such as Albariño, Caíño Tinto, Espadeiro etc. Names like Zarate, Don Olegario, Alberto Nanclares, Albamar, Leirana Finca Genoveva are garnering praise all over the world. You’ll learn about the whole process from basic vineyard management through to some of the technical aspects of vinification and then taste the wines in the company of the master winemaker.

Cooking workshops

Try your hand at cooking one Galicia’s classic dishes with expert guidance from one the region’s top chefs. Our hotel and restaurant based kitchen workshops are one of our most frequently requested activities

Sailing trips
Sailing Trip

Visit the beautiful Islas Cíes National Park onboard a sleek yacht or motor launch. Our ten hour trip includes a wine pairing lunch with a first class mariscada or seafood platter of locally sourced crustaceans such as shrimp, langoustine and two kinds of crab.

Stay at the best hotels

Stay on beautiful wine estates and in gorgeous country hotels with nothing to do but kick back and enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that your hosts will make every possible effort to make your stay a memorable one.

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